All prices mentioned in this webshop is in Norwegian Kroner. For customers outside Norway you should check the value in us$ or €uros before you place an order. You can easily do so by changing the preferred currency on the top right of this webshop.

The $ and € used to be rather stable compared to the Norwegian Kroner, so we could give you a price-calculation that was basically the same month after month, but the current financial situation worldwide means that the currencies can drop or raise in just days so we can no longer give a steady price in $ or €. It is strongly suggested that you check the prices in €uro or us$ before placing an order so that you will not be too suprised about the price.
We are quite tired of people outside Norway ordering and never paying when they see the final price, so make sure you can afford your order!

See the "How to order"-section for information on postage-rates.

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