ANGEL WITCH "Seventies Tapes" LP
ANGEL WITCH "Seventies Tapes" LP

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  • ANGEL WITCH "Seventies Tapes" LP
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Founded under the name Lucifer by Kevin Heybourne in 1976 and initially comprised of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, drummer Steve Jones, and bassist Barry Clements. Dave Hogg replaced Steve Jones and Kevin Riddles replaced Barry Clements when the name changed to Angel Witch in 1978.

Released on the bands own imprint, Extermination Day Records, manufactured and marketed by Bad Omen Records, this is a heavyweight vinyl release of the cult demo tapes recorded by Angel Witch in 1978 & 1979, on various reel to reel recording devices across the attics and front rooms of their native South London. Comprises of the earliest, embryonic recordings of tracks such as 'White Witch', 'Baphomet' & 'Sorceress' which remain staples in the Angel Witch live cannon almost 40 years later, testament to the timeless song writing skills of, the then 18 year old, Kevin Heybourne.

'Seventies Tapes' is pressed on 180 gram heavy vinyl and housed in a 300gsm reverse card sleeve with metallic silver print! Black vinyl version.

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