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  • APTORIAN DEMON "Libertus" LP
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  • Weight: 351g
  • Product Condition: New
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Obscure Black Metal madness from Trondheim, Norway. The sold-out debut-LP now re-released on vinyl once again in co-operation between Kyrck Productions and Apocalyptic Empire Records. Hellish Black attack from the original keep of Kalessin member.

Limited to 500 copies on purple/ grey haze vinyl and black vinyl (250 copies each). The vinyl-factory fucked up the colour on this one unfortunately and made it exactly the same as the original pressing (we were suppose to get a red vinyl version on this 2nd press). However, the lay-out on the back of the LP is completely different from the original pressing as well as other details - so all die hard vinyl-collectors will have no problem separating this pressing from the first pressing.

PS: Please note that we now have only the black in stock! The purple/ grey vinyl is sold out.

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