ARMORY "World Peace...Cosmic War" CD
ARMORY "World Peace...Cosmic War" CD

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  • ARMORY "World Peace...Cosmic War" CD
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The reservoir of new Swedish Metal bands seems to be just endless. Hot on the trails of High Roller recording artists Ambush, Air Raid, Lethal Steel, and so many others, there is Armory, a speed metal outfit from the lovely city of Gothenburg. Originally formed in the late summer of 2012 (out of the ashes of a band called Resurrector), Armory recorded their first demo »Open Fire« in December 2012, followed by »S.M.I.« (short for “Speed Metal Island”, referring to the island Hisingen in Gothenburg, where the band is located). »World Peace … Cosmic War« is the name of Armory's debut album on High Roller Records. It was recorded (live) at Black Path Studios, produced by Oscar of RAM fame.


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