ARTILLERY "One Foot In The Grave" DVD
ARTILLERY "One Foot In The Grave" DVD

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  • ARTILLERY "One Foot In The Grave" DVD
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The DVD features a fantastic gig the Thrash veteran's of ARTILLERY gave at Metalmania Festival 2008! The outstanding guitar play of brothers Stützer, charismatic Carsten Nielsen's powerful drums and the uncompromising Thrash energy of Søren Adamsen's voice ruthlessly hammered their way into the hearts of the headbangers assambled on that occasion! The DVD also includes many great bonus features such as extra video material: Allergic to Knowledge (video clip), Terror Squad (video clip), The Almighty (bootlegged at ”The Rock”, Copenhagen, 2008), Missing Link – Lobotomized (video clip) plus interview with Michael Stützer, interview with Morten Stützer and Carsten Nielsen and more!

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