ATHEIST "Jupiter" CD
ATHEIST "Jupiter" CD

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Atheist is a death metal band from Sarasota, Florida that rose to fame in 1991 with their sophomore record "Unquestionable Presence". The album was a landmark for the genre. It infused chaotic death/thrash metal riffs and melodies with the technical skill and manic, odd-time signature drumming styles of jazz to create what would become “technical death metal.” With their debut being more reminiscent of regular death metal, this was a huge shift in style for the band and it would lead them to become one of the most influential bands in the metal genre.
Fast forward 19 years to 2010, and finally managed to pull their shit together and do their 4th album "Jupiter"
The music found on "Jupiter" is definitely no far cry from the sound that defined the band. It is chock-full of enough maniacal, jazzy drumming and chainsaw-like riffing to please anyone looking for what would be the stereotypical Atheist album

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