AURA NOIR "Deep tracts of hell" CD
AURA NOIR "Deep tracts of hell" CD

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  • AURA NOIR "Deep tracts of hell" CD
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Deep Tracts of Hell was Aura Noir's second album and was originally released in 1998, taking the ferocity displayed on their debut to greater heights, with Apollyon & Aggressor each sharing drums, guitars & vocal duties between tracks. The song 'Blood Unity' was even selected by Darkthrone's Fenriz for his 'The Best of Old-School Black Metal' compilation, alongside Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Mayhem and others.

This edition of 'Deep Tracts of Hell' has been newly re-mastered with the assistance of the band in Oslo, and also includes 2extra bonus-tracks, "Mirage" and "The Rape"!

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