BLOODHAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" DOUBLE-LP
BLOODHAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" DOUBLE-LP

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  • BLOODHAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" DOUBLE-LP
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  • Weight: 351g
  • Product Condition: New
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Product Description
It's pretty cool to see a full-fledged concept album from a band as raw and primitive as Bloodhammer- yeah, that sort of high-minded thing is common in prog or whatever, but how often do you see it from a resolutely oldschool, Bathory-style black metal band? Not often, and it's the main thing that sets Bloodhammer apart from the pack: ambition and scope. Jammed with old-school riffs and misanthropy, this one is recommended to the old-school black/thrash fiends out there! Limited edition double-LP in a nice looking gatefold cover/ jacket!

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