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  • BÖLZER "Aura" MCD
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Switzerlands two piece Bölzer have been sharpening their ruinous war tools to a much finer edge since their debut. Engraved with the art of Alexander L. Brown, fellow Witchrist warrior, their latest tincture Aura materializes as unique among its ilk and impressive in its own right: a dark and entrancing beauty in a genre where this is uncommon, and is still permeated by the stench of supernatural death and chaos. The mix of vocal styles, simple blackened or more traditional chunky death riffs sliding into warped and uplifting, pseudo-symphonic, anxious rhythm sets them apart. Aura establishes itself well on the opener and Bölzer should be damn confident with their representation of their sound here. Black metal is certainly a part of this but the end product feels far further on the side of death metal.

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