CRYPTIC REALMS "Eve of fatality" 7'' EP
CRYPTIC REALMS "Eve of fatality" 7'' EP

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  • CRYPTIC REALMS "Eve of fatality" 7'' EP
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Cryptic Realms are another band that really makes you feel good about the whole old school death metal movement of nowadays and bring no shame in playing this style, as they manage to do that without being a useless and boring copycat. Interestingly their music reminds not just of old bands like Morgoth, Obituary or Massacre (obviously taking the name for the band from their song obligates you to something!) – but it also brings some newer Kam Lee bands to mind, like Bone Gnawer or The Skeletal. Its mainly due to the specific vocal style, which is very alike to what Lee has been doing recently. Its not utterly brutal or fast, its just proper sick and classic sounding death metal. If you like the mentioned bands, then you will surely like Cryptic Realms also!

This is their debut-demo now pressed on 7''EP in 500 copies.

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