DEATHCULT "Cult of the goat" CD
DEATHCULT "Cult of the goat" CD

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  • DEATHCULT "Cult of the goat" CD
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PLEASE NOTE: This CD is on it's way to us from Holland. We expect to have it in stock anywhere between January 15th - 20th. We will ship your order as soon as it is in stock.

Formed in the pits of Bergen, Norway DEATHCULT consists of Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake). 10 years after the release of the debut album it is now time to release album number two: “CULT OF THE GOAT”!
“CULT OF THE GOAT” has been recorded and mixed in Grieghallen Studios and enginered by Eirik “Pytten” Hundvin. Cover artwork by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen.
Comes in a great looking DIGIPACK cd with booklet.

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