DESOLATE SHRINE "Tenebrous Towers" LP
DESOLATE SHRINE "Tenebrous Towers" LP

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  • DESOLATE SHRINE "Tenebrous Towers" LP
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  • Weight: 351g
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Desolate Shrine is one of the finest contemporary underground death metal acts, with a steady output of three amazing full-length albums to date, the latest two on Dark Descent Records. The band's debut effort, Tenebrous Towers opened up the crushing mysticism of DESOLATE SHRINE with a truly remarkable form of possessed, blackened death metal. Executed with skill and worship, the heaviness of Tenebrous Towers comes not only from speed but the crushing mid-tempo and oppressing slow tunes accompanied with atmospheric acoustic sections. The demonic inhuman growlings/screamings of the 2 vocalists not only interpret the in-depth lyrics but add more hell to the overwhelming atmosphere. Properly expressed with dynamic sounds, the debut album of Desolate Shrine is not to be missed!
Released on a killer LP-version limited to 500 copies
-Heavyweight 180g vinyl
-350g glossy pocket sleeve
-2-page full color lyric insert

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