DESTROYER 666 "Defiance" CD
DESTROYER 666 "Defiance" CD

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  • DESTROYER 666 "Defiance" CD
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The 4th full-length from these Australian madmen. A pounding barrage of the hammering rhythm section prepares the ground for fast advancing songs with their trademark sound established with the critically acclaimed debut “Unchain the Wolves”.
Acclaimed by the Metal press, “Defiance” redefines the extreme Metal genre with melodic hymns of stunning atmospheric density. Join the unstoppable advance of “Defiance” or be swept away into oblivion!
“Deströyer 666 are ripping my face off right now! The riffs, THE RIFFS!!” – Terrorizer
“Defiance is the album we all have expected: a real masterpiece that is brutal, ruthless and sophisticated at the same time. Absolutely awesome!” – Rock Hard
“Fuck AC/DC! D666 is the best band from Australia ever!” – Sweden Rock

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