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  • DOPETHRONE - "1312" LP
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The heaviest D.I.Y. trio from Canada, Dopethrone, was born in 2008 in Hochelaga, Montreals trashiest Ghetto. They encompass the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge, and a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffs are thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive. The Demonic vocals are harsh, visceral and animal-like. And the mood is heavy and oppresive

This is their latest 2016 release limited to 300 copies on black / 300 copies on red with black (NOTE: we only have the red vinyl in stock!)
- Etching on side B.
- High quality sleeves printed on reverse cardboard.
- 2 pages insert.
- Black polylined inner sleeve for vinyl protection.
- All copies are handnumbered

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