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  • FETID ZOMBIE "Epicedia" TAPE
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Notorious underground Death Metal illustrator Mark Riddick (MACABRA, GRAVE WAX, UNBURIED, EXCRESCENT, etc.) who handles everything in this one-man-band return with “Epicedia,” the sixth full-length effort of FETID ZOMBIE. Conjuring four original dirges of traditional heavy metal-inspired underground death/doom metal. Testing the boundaries of the genre once again, Mark Riddick, solicits talented guest appearances by REVEL IN FLESH (Ralf Hauber), WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS (Toby Knapp), BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS (Jamie Whyte), SVIERG (Josh Fleischer), RUDE (Yusef Wallace), GOAT HOLOCAUST (Nunsslutgoat), BANE OF BEDLAM (Nick Walker), and Dawn Desiree.

Professionally printed cassette of the latest 2016 album with great fold-out cover illustrated with Mark's amazing artwork!

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