GHOULGOTHA "Prophetic Oration of Self" 7"EP
GHOULGOTHA "Prophetic Oration of Self" 7"EP

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  • GHOULGOTHA "Prophetic Oration of Self" 7"EP
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The debut vinyl release of GHOULGOTHA. A two-song 7″, Prophetic Oration of Self is churning, charred introduction to these San Diego newcomers, displaying an extremely twisted, atonal brand of death metal. However, GHOULGOTHA are not newbies to the scene, as the Californian quartet features ubiquitous DM scenester W. Sarantopoulos – most known for Decrepitaph, Encoffination, and Father Befouled among many, many others – amongst its ranks on vocals and guitars. With influences ranging from Disharmonic Orchestra and Pan-Thy-Monium to Winter and Mythic, expect early '90s absolute DEATH METAL taken to doomed 'n' disgusting extremes.

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl

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