GORGOROTH “Under the sign of hell" LP BLACK
GORGOROTH “Under the sign of hell" LP BLACK

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  • GORGOROTH “Under the sign of hell" LP BLACK
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PLEASE NOTE: This LP is on it's way from Holland. We expect to have it in stock anywhere between January 15th - 20th. We will ship your order as soon as it is in stock.

The original 1997 recordings finally made available again!

In a world that will never be the same anymore GORGOROTH released their third and even so unique masterpiece in 1997. Driven by the masterful riffing, the raw and cold drums and vocals “UNDER THE SIGN OF HELL” has been a breed apart ever since its release.
Now finally presented again with refreshed artwork and layout, supervised by Infernus, this supreme black metal album is available again on vinyl for the first time in 13 years!
Limited edition of 500 copies on BLACK vinyl.

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