IRON MAIDEN "The Assassin" LP
IRON MAIDEN "The Assassin" LP

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  • IRON MAIDEN "The Assassin" LP
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The first vinyl in a series two collecting the rare Iron Maiden B-side material from the 1990-1993 singles. 100% none album tracks. Perfect chance to own all songs without having to track down all different (and expensive) formats from the era (Maiden usually have/had different B-sides on the CD- and LP-versions of the same Singles). This one features material from the “Holy smoke” 12”, “Bring your Daughter…to the Slaughter” 12”, “Be Quick or Be Dead” 12”, “From Here to Eternity” 12”, “From Here to Eternity” shaped pic-7”, “From Here to Eternity” CD-single and “Wasting Love” CD-single (first half). Korean pressing! Only regular black vinyl left in stock.

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