ITHAQUA "Initiation to Obscure Mysteries" 12'' MLP
ITHAQUA "Initiation to Obscure Mysteries" 12'' MLP

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  • ITHAQUA "Initiation to Obscure Mysteries" 12'' MLP
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The ITHAQUA debut demo “Initiation To Obscure Mysteries” have now been released on LP housed in a quality gatefold cover limited to 500 copies! Iron Bonehead Productions keep digging the underground scene in order to unearth the gems that lie in there, and this is another brutal underground release.

The entire demo, and especially the track “Sorcerers of Profane Enchantment”, gives us a scent of the Greek metal scene due to the guitar riffs ‘a la’ Rotting Christ, but not so full-bodied and balanced – Ithaqua’s guitar work is colder and rawer. However, that initial rawness is transformed into a dense and somehow atmospheric river of rhythm. In spite of clearly being a black metal band, the most traditional guitar riffs that are sharpened like knives just come to surface in “Abyssic Journey to the Elder Demons” leading us again into a part that is able to recall Rotting Christ’s “Theogonia”, but in a more epic vein. The keyboards’ arrangements are all over the songs reminding of some sort of choirs giving to the tracks a celestial soundscape and, of course, forming a nice cloud of sound in the background.

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