KHOLD "Phantom" CD
KHOLD "Phantom" CD

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  • KHOLD "Phantom" CD
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Khold's debut album made a stand in the extreme metal world as it created a spectral of modern black metal by incorporating the 80's blasphemic sounds of Bathory, Venom and Celtic Frost. The 2nd album The Phantom is built on that that but comes forth as tighter and more focused and offers a better production courtesy of the The Livingroom studios. A very cohesive and focused album, proves Khold as one of the most consistent acts in black metal today and song after song create an aura of grim, desolating black metal further accentuated by Gard's screechy yet commanding vocals. Nothing is over-used nor played excessively and this is Khold's strongest point as it allows the songs to fully develop and portray their lethal, menacing and even hypnotic/captivating atmospheres. Probably the most exciting black metal album for that year, Khold rises to stand equally next to such peers as Darkthrone and even Burzum.

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