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  • MERCYFUL FATE "In The Shadows" CD
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In the Shadows (released in 1993) is Mercyful Fate's comeback disc since the band disbanded right after the highly praised album Don't Break The Oath. If you like KILLER RIFFAGE look no further seeing as this album puts out quality riff after riff. Some of them very evil and creepy others rocking and upbeat, but the lyrics are almost always something out of the occult. Hank Sherman and Mike Denner are two of the most underated guitarists of all time, as they prove their high level of creativity and musicianship on this one. In the Shadows is much different than say Mellisa or Time mainly because they tried alot of new things like more complex and interesting song structures as well as neat vocal patterns that stick in your head believe it or not. I know you huge MF fans all love Mellisa And Don't Break the Oath alot more than this one, but this is a much more mature release that really expands the way Metal should be.

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