MORK "Eremittens Dal" LP
MORK "Eremittens Dal" LP

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  • MORK "Eremittens Dal" LP
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BACK IN STOCK! The first 500 copies of this LP was sold out within a few weeks and now finally Peaceville Records have a fresh bunch of LP's printed and available!

The 3rd MORK album "Eremittens Dal" - their first on Peaceville Records - stands as a tribute to the spirit of old-school Norwegian Black Metal. The album is primarily inspired by the works of Darkthrone & Burzum, complete with raw production & ice-cold riffs, but with its own dynamic and atmospheric twist; stepping effortlessly between the ferocious and the melancholy, covering themes of hate, death, seclusion and misanthropy, both lyrically and in the way that a one-man-band makes music in solitude, perfectly fitting of the title, translated as Valley of the hermit. The suitably grim pencil cover art comes courtesy of Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, who famously made artwork for early Burzum and Satyricon releases.

"Eremittens Dal" was recorded at Rottehullet Studio in Halden, Norway. It was mixed by Freddy Holm at Kleiva Studio & mastered at Enormous Door in the US (Darkthrones The Underground Resistance & Arctic Thunder). The album also includes special guest appearances from Dimmu Borgirs Silenoz who contributes vocals on two tracks, plus additional bass parts from 1349s Seidemann.

Mork caught my attention a couple of years ago and I was immediately drawn to the atmospheric and reclusive soundscapes, enticed by the desolate and solitary approach – true to the old Norwegian Black Metal ways. It was as if I was thrown back in time. So when I got asked to add vocals on two tracks I didnt hesitate to comply, I just instantly knew I was meant to have a part in it!” Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)

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