MOTÖRHEAD "Orgasmatron" CD
MOTÖRHEAD "Orgasmatron" CD

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  • MOTÖRHEAD "Orgasmatron" CD
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Orgasmatron is the only full Motorhead album to feature Pete Gill on the drums, although he also played on the four new tracks recorded for the 1984 No Remorse compilation album. The album's working title was Ridin' with the Driver and later changed to Orgasmatron, it was too late for Joe Petagno to change the cover art and the train design was used. It features some of Motorhead's heaviest songs ("Orgasmatron" and "Deaf Forever") and it is the album (along with No Remorse) that got Motorhead back on track after the critically-acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful 1983 album Another Perfect Day. The album reached number 21 in the UK charts.

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