NACHASH "Conjuring the red death eclipse" CD + WHITE T-SHIRT
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  • NACHASH "Conjuring the red death eclipse" CD + WHITE T-SHIRT
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NACHASH released a bombshell of a debut CASSETTE-EP in 2015. Limited to only 300 tapes, it took the underground by storm and the demand for a more "easy" format became evident after a while. Now the cassette has been re-pressed on a limited edition of 500 CD's.

Taken from a review on Metal Archives:
Stretching 4 tracks into 30 minutes of quality music with no filler is quite a feat, pushing the envelope of what an EP can contain. Some bands can make 30 minutes fly by, but Nachash overwhelms with such a blackened heaviness that by the end, I feel as though I've almost listened to a double album, but at no point do I feel that time is wasted for the sake of creating long tracks

Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse is both magical and ethereal, a must listen for all fans of metal. The music is crushing and transportive, visceral and euphoric, with no quality dominating over the other. Nachash intertwine all these great qualities to perfection.

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