NACHASH "Phantasmal Triunity" LP COLOR PRE-ORDER
NACHASH "Phantasmal Triunity" LP COLOR PRE-ORDER

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  • NACHASH "Phantasmal Triunity" LP COLOR PRE-ORDER
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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! We are not 100% certain at what date we will have the LP's - but they should be here around early June 2018 at latest. Please seperate pre-orders and regular orders if you wish to have regular orders sent out at once - otherwise everything will be shipped together when this LP is available.

UPDATE june 14th: still no exact date has been given to us, but we have been told to expect the LP's "very soon" (whatever that means)

One of the most shockingly mature newcomers SHADOW KINGDOM has come across recently, NACHASH hail from Norway and released an EP, Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse, in 2015. Granted, their country of origin might tip you off that the band indeed play black metal, but that's only half the story. For the NACHASH sound one is just as anchored in eldritch death metal, grimy but grandiose, as it is the most witching wave of early black metal: muscular and even a bit molten, the power-trio's patient pulse possesses an almost-poetic flow, above all betraying a keen understanding of epic heavy metal songwriting. Across each of these six mini-epics known as tracks, the 37 electric minutes comprising Phantasmal Trinunity in fact flow like a phantasm, wisping and winding wherever the wind may blow but with a most haunting grace, setting up moments of hypnotic tension before subtly seguing into a surge of dark 'n' dread-inducing glory. It all makes for a singular sensation, but if we're to drop any rare references, contemporaries could include Grand Belial's Key, Ares Kingdom, Mortuary Drape, Varathron, and Sacriphyx.

Deathly black metal? Blackened death metal? NACHASH know no borders nor easy categorization, nor do they care for fence-riding opportunists who don't truly heed the call of death. Enter their Phantasmal Trinunity and emerge enlightened and forever changed.

Limited edition of 500 LP's!
400 on coloured vinyl (THIS) and 100 on black vinyl

Note : This is a pre-order! Orders cannot be split into several shipments. If you order other items together with this pre-order your order will be dispatched when the item with the latest release date is available!

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