NORDLAND "Songs of regression" CD
NORDLAND "Songs of regression" CD

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  • NORDLAND "Songs of regression" CD
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The 3rd full-length by Nordland, a one-man black metal horde, which hails from North East England.
Vorh, the force behind Nordland, started the band in 2011, whereupon he promptly released the highly commendable and self-titled full length debut "Nordland". Vorh hails from the northeastern parts of the United Kingdom, an area that like most other parts of the UK has a damp and rainy climate. Historically the tidal island of Lindisfarne in this area is famous for being raided by vikings in the year 793, ushering in the Viking Age of Northern Europe.

Whether the sort of Bathory-esque viking tendencies is a coincidence is left to pure speculation, but the areas history and the fact that the name Nordland could well be taken from the two Bathory albums certainly suggest there being a correlation.

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