OBSESSÖR "Assassins of the pentagram" CD
OBSESSÖR "Assassins of the pentagram" CD

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  • OBSESSÖR "Assassins of the pentagram" CD
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Certain kinds of Metal are never out of style, because they were never really in-style. Blackened Thrash Metal is one of these sub-genres of Metal. And OBSESSÖR from the German area of Eastern Westphalia are a band that's devoted to this style. After a few EPs/splits and a fullength, OBSESSÖR are ready again for another full length strike: “Assassins Of The Pentagram”. Expect anything that might be expected from a band of the genre - you'll for sure get it! But somehow OBSESSÖR are a little more special anyway. Maybe it's the subliminal early 1980s Metal feeling they transport. Maybe it's the rare melodic harmonies and solos. And it's the vocals of Necroschwanz for sure. Besides the typical dirty thrashing vocals, he spices his performance with falsetto screams in best Power Metal style. Anybody who digs blackened Thrash Metal should check out OBSESSÖR for sure!

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