PENTAGRAM "Curious Volume" CD
PENTAGRAM "Curious Volume" CD

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  • PENTAGRAM "Curious Volume" CD
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The latest 2015 PENTAGRAM-album released in a nice digipack. As everyone knows by now, 2011's Last Rites and the accompanying Last Days Here documentary depicted Pentagram vocalist Bobby Liebling getting off the drugs, crawling out of his parents' basement, and restoring his band's relevancy in the modern doom community. Misfortune has plagued the man in the four years it's been since that album's release but the persisting exposure and return to Peaceville Records are enough to suggest that the band's fifteen minutes may not be up yet. Most miraculously, the lineup changes are minimal by Pentagram standards as drummer "Minnesota" Pete Campbell was brought on, guitarist Victor Griffin left but came back on in time to record the album, and bassist Greg Turley stayed on all the while.

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