PENTAGRAM "Relentless" CD
PENTAGRAM "Relentless" CD

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While thrash and death metal ruled in the mid 80s, there was an underground metal scene that went largely unnoticed in comparison: doom metal. In the UK, bands like Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar used the doomier aspects of Black Sabbath's music to create some very good NWOBHM. In the US, there were primarily two bands that would use the dark, heavy elements of Black Sabbath's music to create their very own brand of metal that would become known as doom metal. These bands were Saint Vitus and Pentagram. The latter one had been around for longer, but released their debut album around the same time Saint Vitus did.

Pentagram's self-titled debut album (sometimes known as 'Relentless') is some of the dirtiest and most ass-kicking heavy/doom metal you can find. This particular Pentagram line-up was by far the strongest. Bobby Liebling IS Pentagram. Throughout the years, he has written absurdly many songs; and many of these songs were recorded in their early days in the 70s and almost scored the band a good deal that would most likely had made them a big band a la Black Sabbath. But, Liebling's drug addiction and stubbornness sort of blew it for Pentagram and they would go on without any proper release until the mid 80s, when this gem was finally released.

This is of course the 1993 CD-version that was titled "Relentless".

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