PENTAGRAM "When the screams come" DOUBLE-LP
PENTAGRAM "When the screams come" DOUBLE-LP

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  • PENTAGRAM "When the screams come" DOUBLE-LP
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PENTAGRAM playing 11 total Penta-classics in front of the Baltimore Maryland Deathfest audience in 2010. Features the reunited Griffin/ Liebling line-up. For the first time on VINYL - and what a massive heavy fucker this is! Heavy music yes - but also released on 2 x heavy 180 gram vinyls, a thick and nice gatefold cover, giant poster and pictorial innerleeves! Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide!

Also includes 5 bonus-tracks that was not released on the original DVD that came of this recording.
Bonus tracks recorded October 31st, 2014 at the "Heavy Halloween Show" at Arts Riot, Burlington, VT.

Everything is re-mastered in 2015.

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