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  • RADIOACTIVE VOMIT "Witchblood" 10'' MLP
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  • Weight: 351g
  • Product Condition: New
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Product Description
RADIOACTIVE VOMIT's 2nd demo from 2012 now released on 10'' MLP limited to 500 copies (this is the black vinyl version pressed in 400 copies).

In this day in age, it is very rare to find a bestial black metal or war metal band that really presents an original sound while maintaining the traditional style. However, this is not the case with Radioactive Vomits “Witchblood” demo. It includes six tracks of pure chaotic, relentless, and unforgiving bestial warfuck.

The demo delivers everything from fast riffs to heavy riffs and even some D-beat-sounding stuff. The whole thing flows out of the speakers like toxic waste. Recommended for fans of bestial black metal, war metal, and death metal. Although the music is very original, it is clearly in the vein of bands like Blasphemy, Beherit, Conqueror, and Sadogoat.

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