RETROSATAN "Helloween Pub 88" LP
RETROSATAN "Helloween Pub 88" LP

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  • RETROSATAN "Helloween Pub 88" LP
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RETROSATAN was the biggest Argentinian cult band of the 80s in Latin America! Their demo "Grito Mortal" was spread from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. There were great reviews in all parts of Latin America, but they never managed to release the material on LP or CD.
The band was founded in 1983 in Caseros, close to Buenos Aires. They played great traditional 80s Metal with real Black lyrics, influenced by MERCYFUL FATE. The show was an important part and was the most spectacular ever in the Metal Argentino scene, ...lots of explosions, fire, blood, and an impressive stage set and clothes!!
Now dug up from the crypts - a live recording from 1988 released on LP in a limited edition with lots of ancient photos and killer artwork! Great for all fans of South American darkness!

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