SERPENT NOIR "Erotomysticism" CD
SERPENT NOIR "Erotomysticism" CD

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  • SERPENT NOIR "Erotomysticism" CD
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There are many bands in the domain of black metal that aim to develop and expand the sense of atmosphere by either slowing their music to a solemn dirge, or adding a variety of either ethnic instrumentation, layered keyboards, choral chant and what not, in order to paint a hypnotic and meditative state that they presumably experience. Serpent Noir are a Greek band who fuse all those influences into an infectious conglomerate that bursts with both energy and emotion, and are particularly averse to technical exhibitionism or progressive egomania. In short, their music is simple on surface, but still requires quite a number of spins to grasp the subtleties and strata with which it is delicately laced.

Consisting of members from OFERMOD, NEFANUDS, ACRIMONIOUS, EMBRACE OF THORNS etc., this album is what presumably happens when musicians from two different cultural backgrounds, that of the Central/Northern Europe (Sweden) and the Mediterranean region (Greece) choose to cooperate, and give birth to a potent and prime exercise in atmosphere. A winner, for sure!

Released by Daemon Worship in a beautiful digipack.

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