TAARENES VAAR "Demo sessions 1996 -1997" CD
TAARENES VAAR "Demo sessions 1996 -1997" CD

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  • TAARENES VAAR "Demo sessions 1996 -1997" CD
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Now also available in CD-format!

From Kyrck Productions: "This release is one of the reasons why Kyrck exists, managing to bring forth 20 year old Norwegian lost gems . One of the biggest surprises I had , TAARENES VAAR created in 1992 and after various line up changes releasing 2 demos in 96 and 97 in very low quantities. Eerie early Thorns riffs mixed with 3rd and the Mortal and Ved Buens Ende (also sharing Carl Michael at some point and early Ulver members) could be an accurate description of TAARENES VAAR. Avant-garde Black Metal in its true meaning.

TAARENES VAAR would later evolve into the band MANIMALISM,  written and recorded when the bands driving force and song writer Kim Sølve was still a teenager. MANIMALISM states:  "This is a testament to Manimalism's enduring vision, will and persistence, and shows the tracks from last years debut album in their very first guise"

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