TEITANBLOOD "Accursed skin" 12'' MLP
TEITANBLOOD "Accursed skin" 12'' MLP

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  • TEITANBLOOD "Accursed skin" 12'' MLP
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Spawning from the hellish maw of Madrid, Teitanblood made waves through the underground with their 2009 debut Seven Chalices. Spewing forth with a bestial ferocity inspired by Blasphemy and Archgoat, their blackened death metal invokes a barrage of occult themes and gnarly riffs.
For those who arent acquainted with this Spanish group, they play putrid and uncompromising old-school death metal at its finest with hints of other extreme forms of metal. Their music is heavily based on brutal, low-key riffs with even lower tuning, accompanied by manic and primitive drumming. The vocals are mainly grunting and growling as if delivered from beyond the living world, and with no clear rhythmic patterns or arrangements, as they are presented more like frenzied bursts of phrases or haunting devilish praise. Add to these factors that the songs themselves are erratic and illogically built harvesters of Chaos without any regular structures, and youre really starting to feel like youre embarking on a seriously dangerous trip when experiencing Death.
Brand new limited 12 MLP released in December 2016
2 Hymns

Accursed Skin 14:28

Sanctified Dysecdysis 11:46

Playing time : 26:14 minutes

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