TOMB MOLD "Primordial Malignity" CD
TOMB MOLD "Primordial Malignity" CD

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  • TOMB MOLD "Primordial Malignity" CD
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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present TOMB MOLD's highly anticipated debut album, Primordial Malignity. Just last year, BLOOD HARVEST reissued the band's debut demo, The Bottomless Perdition, to widespread acclaim – and rightly so, as this four-song opening salvo displayed an exquisitely ghastly version of death metal that seemingly had been rotting in the earth for centuries. And yet, for however much that demo was something of a love letter to '90s Finnish death metal, it merely suggested the grim 'n' grandiose things to come from TOMB MOLD on their astutely titled debut full-length, Primordial Malignity.

The music might be old school and originating in the early nineties sound, but the production is decidedly modern. Some of the filthy sound of Autopsy comes across with a certain rawness while the bassy production makes the guitars sound as meaty and heavy as an artillery barrage without quite going low and dank enough to delve into caverncore territory.

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