VASSAFOR "Malediction" CD
VASSAFOR "Malediction" CD

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New Zealands VASSAFOR have existed now for 20 years (barring a brief hiatus in the late 90s/early 00s) and after a slew of demos and EPs they unleashed their debut album Obsidian Codex upon the world in 2012 "Malediction" is their brand new 2nd full-length released in October 2017.

It's an understatement to say that the media have nothing but praises for this monumental new offering :
"Malediction is a testament and a tribute to the horror that potentially awaits us all in the great beyond (...)That is all too real. And gloriously fucking terrifying" (No Clean Singing)
"It's a record that pummels you in the gut but which is unafraid to step back and let you get lost in how goddamn massive it is." (Two Guys Metal Review)
"Theres a claustrophobic intensity on Malediction that doesnt want to let the listener be free. Malediction offers experiences that are potentially lethal, but also potentially empowering." (Wonderbox Metal)
"Malediction sounds fantastic on your first listen (...) By far this is one of 2017's best albums !" (The Lair Of Filth)

A serious contender to the throne this year ?
Released by Debemur Morti Productions as a Digifile CD

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