VILLAINY "Villainy I" LP
VILLAINY "Villainy I" LP

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  • VILLAINY "Villainy I" LP
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Villainy is an unorthodox metal band from the Netherlands with death, doom, black, thrash metal and other musical influences. With their energetic, thunderous and raw live performance they have left european stages shrouded in darkness for the last 3 years. “Villainy I” contains 9 original tracks on which they create their own unique brand of old school style headbanging metal full of catchy riffs and rockin leads! Cover art by Szymon Siech from VBRRTRD (Maryland Deathfest, Blind To Faith, Gehenna, Infest, Nails). Recorded by Marc van Duivenvoorde from Perimeter Audio (Entrapment, Acid Deathtrip, F.U.B.A.R.). For fans of: Celtic Frost, Obituary, Death, Venom

LP version limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl on Hammerheart Records!

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