WHIPSTRIKER "Seven Inches Of Hell" CD
WHIPSTRIKER "Seven Inches Of Hell" CD

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  • WHIPSTRIKER "Seven Inches Of Hell" CD
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South America, and Brazil in particular, have been spewing out these blackened heavy thrashing speed metal bands since the dawning of Sarcófago and Vulcano, so why stop now? Imagine Venom and Motörhead with blackened edges with a little punk rock flair for good measure and you'll have a great starting point for Whipstriker's sound. The band's entire discography could be described in much the same way, but they haven't really released a dud; just lots and lots of rocking out. Fans of the great metal revival of recent years would do well to look into this band!

This CD is a 26 songs compilation of loads of 7″ and split tracks in case you missed their numerous limited vinyls. In total over 70 minutes!

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