WITCHCURSE "Anti-disco - Fantomania III" CD
WITCHCURSE "Anti-disco - Fantomania III" CD

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  • WITCHCURSE "Anti-disco - Fantomania III" CD
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Third part of the wellknown underground metal serie titled "FANTOMANIA", this time with only one band. Five own songs and four FANTOM-covers (sung in evil Hungarian) from these Greek worshippers of NWOBHM. Their own hymns are avaiable first time on CD, they're taken from the split vinyl material "Defenders of the past" (w/ Witchunter). All the coversongs are in good old NWOBHM-style, they are a really interesting and exclusive homage to Thy Majesty, the allmighty Hungarian Black/ Thrash gods of the late '80s FANTOM!

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